Answered on: October 21, 2017


Good afternoon. We are a company in Valletta. We need to hire a car from 22nd - 25th November to use at SIGMA event at MFCC advertising our company. We would need to put magnets with our company logo on the car and attach balloons to it. Someone will be with the car at all times and no damage or marks would be left. The car need to be nice, and smart and preferably Black or white.


Please use the website, you can obtain a quotation there and make a reservation. Enter your search criteria ( dates,times,location) and click on SEARCH. At the top of STEP2 (above the individual car photos) is a scrolling left to right car type filter, where you can filter the results by car size, for example 7,8 or 9 seaters or convertibles where they are available. A credit card is required. I am here to help you to use the site if you have any questions.